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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ClickDevise’s approach to the GDPR?

ClickDevise, a division of Wedevise OÜ based in Tallinn, Estonia, complies with current EU data protection law, and will comply with GDPR. We understand that our publisher partners and advertising demand partners all have a requirement to comply with the Regulation. ClickDevise cannot advise you as to whether you are GDPR compliant. However, ClickDevise has publishers and advertisers that span the globe, so we are working to ensure that our services comply with GDPR, and that these partners can continue to use the ClickDevise Services after GDPR takes effect on 25 May 2018. Partners should review our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service, which will be updated, before continuing to use the ClickDevise Services after the GDPR comes into effect.

What terms are going to be updated?

ClickDevise will be updating various terms, including our  Privacy Policyour Policies for publisher partners and advertising demand partners, and our Terms of Service.

What is review process for Publishers?

In order to ensure that our publishers are offering a high quality advertising experience, we require that all apps serving ClickDevise ads are in compliance with our terms and conditions.

All apps in our network will be reviewed manually checked for quality and compliance. We will have on-going quality review to ensure continued adherence to our policies.

What data do I need to pass to ClickDevise?

For each ad request, the SDK will pass the device identifier (IDFA on iOS and Advertising ID on Android) to ClickDevise so that we can determine the proper ad to serve. No information about the person will be passed back to the publisher along with the ad.

What types of ads will run in my app or website? How do I know they are brand appropriate?

At ClickDevise, we believe that ads should contribute to and be consistent with the overall user experience. We’re committed to meeting this goal.

Our policies are designed to ensure that ads are high-quality, brand-safe, and in compliance with all applicable laws.

We recognize there may be instances in which you prefer a particular ad or type of ad not run in your app, regardless of whether it meets our policies. As a ClickDevise publisher partner, you will have the ability to filter out specific advertisers or categories of advertisers (e.g., Adult ads) as you see fit.

If you have any specific requirement for blacklisting please contact our support team:

What is my expected CPM and fill rate?

We are performance advertising network, meaning it all depends—performance will vary due to factors such as audience, ad placements, and the advertising campaigns that match your user base.

Can I access my app's performance data via an API?

Absolutely yes, connect to your account manager or drop email to

What precautions does ClickDevise take against click fraud?

ClickDevise aims to deliver valuable ROI for advertisers by ensuring that clicks are authentic and intentional. We have zero tolerance for click fraud committed by publishers and will ban publishers immediately when we detect fraud. We carefully monitor all clicks and impressions served on the ClickDevise Network to detect patterns of click fraud. We will not charge advertisers or pay publishers for clicks we determine to be invalid.

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