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We are ClickDevise, with the passion for mobile advertising. 

Our Story

We Got Started Because We Want to Stop the Guessing Game

We are small team from THE NORTH, located in beautiful city Tallinn and the most digitally advance country in Europe – Yes you got it right Estonia. 

In Estonia we have long and sometimes never ending winter, so what we do during most of the year is to be inside home or office and keep thinking to do something or create something useful.

With over 10 years of experience in Adtech Industry, at one cold dark night by the -25 degrees temperature outside we had brainstorming session. We discovered the hurdles in Mobile industry. Most common questions among all is What kind of App should I be making ? which platform should I choose ? How will I brand it ? How will I attract users ? How will I monetize it ? How much will it cost ? and the most important of all How will I attract Investors ? or Do I really need Investors ?

 These are the most common questions asked by Publishers and Advertisers, thats how we came up with the solution to all. By working with top brands for years and years of studies, we figured out how easy it is to be at the top of ladder.

Yes we have answers to all your questions, stop the guessing game and simply drop us an email or take a flight to our beautiful city Tallinn.

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